Frequently Asked Questions
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Will there be a certification specific to Québec ? [+]

What will the logo be used for? [+]

What is the difference between quantification and certification? [+]

Why start with a pilot project and not offer the financing measure to all businesses right away? [+]

What will you be doing during the pilot project? [+]

What methodologies will be employed? [+]

How where the participating companies selected? [+]

What is the role of the CIRAIG? [+]

What is the role of the BNQ? [+]

Are there any other similar initiatives elsewhere in Canada, the United States or worldwide? [+]

What are the benefits for companies participation in the pilot? [+]

Is the pilot project related to the $1.5 M announced for the Québec life cycle database project? [+]

Why does the project focus on the carbon footprint and not on the broader environmental footprint that includes other environmental impacts like France is doing? [+]